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Our Team

THE Elysé Team

The core Elysé team is comprised of talented professionals who are all moms. We have unique backgrounds with different areas of specialization. We come together to form amazing ideas for moms on the move. We bring this to life with elysé.

We understand what it is to raise happy, healthy babies while also loving the hustle to create and grow. We make good stuff happen!

Reka Steiner, Elysé founder, was inspired to start the business because of the love she has for her babies.

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. It all began with some unexpected troubles in the early months after her son was born. Mama’s always find a way to comfort their babies, so she sought professional advice and also kept listening to her instincts. She soon noticed that her son rested peacefully only when he was in her arms. And she cherished the closeness she felt when she held him like that knowing he was content. From there, she jumped into the world of babywearing. This led to her first steps towards creating Elysé.

Although there are many carriers on the market, she had a hard time finding something that was made from quality, organic fabrics, was easy to wear and adjust, and that also looked fashionable in every detail. Without compromise.

So, Reka created the solution partnering with other moms with babywearing experience who are professionals in fashion and design. Together, they made sure all the products are created to be simple to use, minimalist, made of high-quality materials, and with a keen eye on safety and looking great. Parents should have peace of mind about the materials of their baby carrier so they can enjoy bonding with their little ones while looking stylish.

Anett Hajdu, Elysé designer, designs clothing and leather bags, and she’s an instructor at MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design). Anett is a fashion illustrator who works with major brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Jil Sander, Aeron, and more.

Anett designed the Elysé carriers. From the first sketches through the very first prototypes and testing with attention to each of the final details – the thread colors, the straps, the custom-made colored buckles, and all the fabrics.

Anett also drew and painted the beautiful patterns of our Limited Edition Carriers.

Anett is more than a designer. She’s an experienced baby-wearing mom and she’s been an inspirational co-creator alongside Réka, Elysé’s founder, in every aspect of the designs of the Elysé brand.