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About Elysé

Your baby needs you - your touch, your smell, the sounds of your voice, your heartbeat, your breath. So Elysé is about that unique bond - the bond that helps both you and your baby balance the ups and downs of every day.

Babywearing keeps you in sync with your baby’s needs and rhythms so you can make the strides in life you want without thinking twice. Babywearing makes navigating all the new feelings and sensory experiences a lot smoother for both of you. 

Society’s idea of perfection? Forget about it. Perfection isn’t real. Revel in your sublimely unique journey. Revel in your own unique style. We say don’t let anyone tell you how motherhood should be.

Being a mom is a whirlwind of advice, expectations and doubts. But here’s the thing: you know yourself and your baby better than anyone. So this is why listening to your inner voice and trusting your instincts - even if it means going against the grain - are superpowers. You are enough.

Every single detail of Elysé products is thoughtfully considered and created to support you and your style throughout motherhood. We use premium, natural fabrics and custom-created hardware. You can count on our quality products to meet your standards for many years to come.

We work with high-end, local manufacturers and designer brand producers to create durable products. And we offer beautifully unisex designs to fit any look.